Empowering You, Enriching Our Planet:
Your Partners at Calculus Carbon

Our journey began fueled by passion, inspired by the desire to take on a challenge that shapes our collective legacy. We recognized the urgent call of climate change from amidst numerous options, and that’s when Calculus Carbon came to life.

Meet Our Team

Experienced finance professional leveraging his background in investment banking, asset management, fintech, and academia, to channel climate finance towards the Global South East Asia 

Neelesh Agrawal

Founder & CEO

Climate Strategy Leader with more than half a decade of experience across carbon origination and monetisation

Deepjeet Datta

Technical Head

A passionate advocate of climate change and sustainable development, with a wealth of experience in renewable energy and a deep understanding of voluntary carbon markets


Shashwat Jha

Head, Business Development

An experienced analyst driving greener solutions, contributing to a sustainable future through strategic acumen and data analysis.

Aniket Kumar

Analyst, Environmental Markets

Passionate in design with proven ability to apply design frameworks and principles to create innovative and user friendly products

Badri Visaal

Product Designer

A visionary in sustainability product development, known for her strategic acumen and design thinking expertise, contributing to a greener world.

Deeksha Sharma

Product Manager

Experience in developing and implementing business strategies, as well as managing resources.

Priyanka Lohia

Founder’s Office

Rich experience in full-stack development with a focus on creating scalable and user-friendly applications. Experience in both private and public sectors, including E-commerce and municipal services.

Ranjan Kudesia

Software Developer

Expert in Carbon Markets, Climate Finance, and Economics, driving sustainable solutions for a greener future.

Ujjwal Gupta


Our Advisors

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Abhinav Bansal

Advisor, Strategy

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Dr. Prabina Rajib

Advisor, Commodities

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Hadi Badri

Advisor, Global Strategy

Greetings from Calculus Carbon! Our story revolves around you, your aspirations, and our shared commitment to a better world. We're not just another company – we're your allies, leveraging our extensive expertise in asset management, carbon markets, and financial engineering to drive meaningful change.

our story and passion

Your needs are at the heart of what we do. We've delved deep into the market, engaging in insightful conversations, to understand what truly matters to you. This has led us to forge a path toward a brighter future. A future where carbon transactions are fair, transparent, and impact-driven.

a brighter

Together, we're not just tackling climate change – we're pioneering a movement that marries responsible practices with financial ingenuity. Our mission is clear: to empower you with the tools and knowledge to make a difference while building a sustainable legacy for yourself and generations to come.

pioneering a movement

Let's embark on this transformative journey together, where your aspirations meet our expertise, and together, we'll create a world that thrives sustainably.

Welcome to the
Calculus Carbon community.

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BW Sustainable World Conclave 2023, New Delhi

Calculus Carbon fosters continuous learning and growth by offering team members exceptional opportunities to expand their knowledge and network through national and international conferences. These conferences serve as invaluable platforms for idea exchange, gaining insights from experts, and staying updated on carbon market trends.

Our Latest Offsite at Vivanta, Surajkund

Experience a well-rounded work environment at Calculus Carbon, where team bonding, rejuvenation, and enjoyment are prioritized through company retreats. Escape daily routines with team-building activities and recreational outings, fostering collaboration, creativity, and a sense of belonging. Join us for a fulfilling professional journey where work and fun come together.

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