Carbon Quantified XVII Edition: Climate Transition Bonds & Ecolabelling

Overview of the Seventeenth Edition:

In our seventeenth edition newsletter, we delve into critical aspects driving sustainable finance and environmental responsibility. Our issue is a comprehensive examination of Climate Transition Bonds and the emerging landscape of Ecolabelling.

To begin, our feature on Climate Transition Bonds delves deep into this innovative financial instrument, exploring its role in financing sectors transitioning to a low-carbon future. We analyze the nuances of these bonds, their global adoption, and the impact they wield in the fight against climate change.

Continuing our exploration, we present a detailed examination of Ecolabelling, highlighting the impact of India’s Ecomark scheme, and emphasizing its potential influence on the demand for carbon credits and its implications on corporate sustainability initiatives.

Furthermore, our data-driven analysis offers key takeaways from various Climate Bonds, providing insights into the ever-evolving financial tools aiming to drive environmental sustainability.

As we venture into the subsequent sections, you can expect profound insights, data-driven analysis, and expert perspectives that empower stakeholders to make informed decisions and drive positive environmental impact. Stay tuned for another enlightening edition.

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Calculus IQ ~ Evolution of Sustainable Finance and the Surge of Climate-Focused Financial Instrument

The article underscores the robust growth and evolving landscape of sustainable finance, particularly the ascent of green, social, and sustainability bonds alongside climate finance. It delves into the financial instruments underpinning sustainable investments, from green bonds to sustainability-linked loans, highlighting their features and escalating market size. Additionally, it touches on the regulatory role in refining and unifying definitions for a maturing global market.

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Navigating the Transition: The Rise and Impact of Climate Transition Bonds

The financial landscape within the realm of climate change mitigation is diversifying, catering to diverse industries and regions. Amid the array of climate-linked financial instruments, transition bonds have emerged as a beacon, offering a bridge between high-emission industries and their journey toward a more sustainable future. In this article, we will delve into the novel construct of transition bonds, and explore their nuances, their positioning within the finance market, and the global strides made by various countries and financial institutions to foster this innovative financial instrument.

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Ecolabelling in India: Fostering Environmental Responsibility and Carbon Credit Uptake

The article sheds light on India’s evolving ecolabelling landscape, notably focusing on the Ecomark scheme and other prominent eco-labels. It explores the objectives and impact of the Ecomark scheme, emphasizing its role in promoting environmentally friendly products and potentially fostering demand for carbon credits. Additionally, it touches on India’s other eco-labels, their criteria, and the government’s Green Credit Programme, presenting a comprehensive view of how these initiatives might influence environmental responsibility and carbon credit uptake in the country.

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Japan plans to issue climate transition bonds early next year -MOF

Japan plans to issue climate transition bonds with a two-year tenor from around February next year, the Ministry of Finance said in a preliminary advisory on Wednesday.

BlackRock set to invest $550mn in Occidental direct air capture project

BlackRock is set to invest $550mn into the world’s biggest direct air capture project, which is being developed by Occidental Petroleum, in a sign of growing investor confidence in the nascent technology. 

Global fossil fuel production plans far exceed climate targets, U.N. says

Global fossil fuel production in 2030 is set to be more than double the levels that are deemed consistent with meeting climate goals set under the 2015 Paris climate agreement, the United Nations and researchers said on Wednesday.

China unveils action plan to reduce methane emissions

China published its long-awaited plan to tackle climate-warming methane on Tuesday, but included no firm targets for reducing those emissions – only goals for re-using them as fuel.

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